Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rock Climbing

We've recently discovered an indoor rock climbing facility at Browns Plains. And our kids are addicted! It's called The Rock, and you'll find it at 49 Eastern Road, Browns Plains, Brisbane. Based at The Spot Community Centre, there's also info about it on their website.
It provides such a great opportunity for the kids to get some good exercise in a great environment and it's really character-building.
The first time we visited was with my daughter Kai's Girl Guide group. They had a wonderful time playing a few games and doing the rock climbing.
Since then we've visited a couple of times on a Wednesday afternoon when they hold a kid's club. This is a time for the kids to try the rock climbing and do a variety of games that involve skills such as climbing, swinging and balancing.
Apart from the enjoyment the kids get out of the activity, it's also great for their confidence -- they feel great when they get a bit further up the wall than the previous time or are able to reach the top. And when activities are a little bit more difficult or they are on a more challenging part of the wall, it's also an opportunity for them to do some problem solving and to practise some persistence.
We were really excited to discover recently that they also do birthday parties. The kids went to one there recently and we've now booked for Slade's party in December. You provide your own food and they have kitchen facilities available, and there are options for climbing only or climbing and games.

Postscript: The Rock Adventure Specialists have organised a special kids rock climbing club climb at Kangaroo Point on November 18, 2010. It's from 3pm to 6pm and you can contact them on 0424 023 932 for more info.

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